DESIGN 101_4

Design 101 is the only one italian proposal that was selected for the “MOOC Production Fellowship” contest by Iversity and Stifterverband fuer die Deutsche Wissenschaft. Design 101 (or design basics) is an international experiment between design and new and social media. The course started in October 2013.

Design 101 is a journey into contemporary design through 101 exercises, a fantastic jorney through time and space  where we the tools of today (such as the MOOC platform of Iversity).For three months, the students develop basic design attitudes that allow them to thrive in today’s world, while restoring their understanding of its mechanics. We live in a global community where the physical bits are slowly (and not so slowly) overlapped by social media. Design has become #design. Indeed, the use of new technologies has changed the teaching and, by the same token, the nature of the past; the past is being renewed. Herein lies the conceptual hinge of Design 101:
a new way to learn a new design.

Design 101 is a whoami production for Iversity. A collaboration between the Abadir Academy of Fine Arts and IdLab.


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