Abadir Academy gives to the international procedure a very important value and considers it an unique instrument to improve the quality of the educational method offered, to increase its prestige, to establish itself in the internationalenvironment and to offer to its students and staff the opportunity to enrich their academic education within linguistic, social, cultural and professional incentives undergone in European and non European backgrounds. For these reasons, and according to the students and staff’s requests, the Academy had developed an international strategy based on the following line of actions:

  • to increase staff and student’s mobility at all levels (both for training and for study reasons);
  • to strengthen the relationship with the work environment in the international context in order to offer a more competitive professional education;
  • to adopt a promotional policy of the educational program and services offered in order to increase the collaboration with international institutes and to enhance the existing ones;
  • to create international partnerships through the signature of agreements in order to facilitate students (both for study and training reasons), teachers and administrative staff exchange;
  • to create international partnership in order to establish joint degrees;
  • to activate English language courses so that the Academy could be more attractive for the incoming staff and students;
  • to improve the web site creating a page, both in Italian and in English, committed with all the international activities. This page will be the window for all the international initiatives undertaken;
  • to offer orientation services for students and staff mobility (outgoing and incoming) to facilitate successful and quality exchanges;
  • to enhance the English language knowledge through the implementation of English courses along the study program and to support the student and staff participation to external language courses;
  • to improve the students and staff welcome services, getting involved local students. Actually, the Academy will help incoming students to get accommodation solutions inside and outside the Academic Residence; to involve foreign students and staff in the social and cultural life; to strengthen the Italian language knowledge;
  • to support the credit recognition procedure;
  • to organize initiatives through the International Relation Office, like, for example, information days, international events, etc. Through these events, students, teachers and administrative staff are involved in the internationalization process and in its promotion;
  • to valorize the students and staff mobility experiences, showed in a special section in the web site; furthermore, the Academy will apply an internal recognition policy and will create on line instruments ( such as blog, social media, web pages, etc), through which it can be possible to access to updated information regarding the logistic and academic mobility organization.


Abadir Academy, in order to ensure transparency for the grade distribution, follows the European Commission guidelines explained in the ECTS user’s Guide 2015. Every year and for each study course, Abadir Academy publish the grade distribution table: for more information please click here or visit the following website.


The Academy selects its partners according to the educational affinity profile (art, visual culture and design heritage), the partner’s trust and the feasibility of the proposed activities. Furthermore, the Academy considers the students and staff requests. The geographic area the Academy is interested in is very wide and it is defined in this way: first of all by its geographical position. The Mediterranean Countries are very important places to establish collaboration projects. Secondly, big interest is given to the East Europe countries, China and Japan, thanks to the potentiality of feasible international activities; finally, the Academy would like to create collaboration with European countries (France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland) and with the North of Europe, for the opportunities given by their traditional experience in the international area.


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