Studying at Abadir

The official language of our courses is Italian. Abadir Academy doesn’t ask for an official language certification but we highly recommend the incoming students to attend an Italian Intensive Course before coming to our country. The best way to be prepared to attend our courses would be to achieve B1 level of the CILS Certificate or more.
When necessary the incoming students can switch the language to english with teachers or colleagues.

The Three-Year Course in Design and Visual Communication is made up of courses which are both theoretical and practical. Over their three years at Abadir, students partake in lessons that range from teacher-centered lectures to student-centered workshops and field trips to relevant companies in order to help them to acquire the necessary theoretical and practical skills.

A typical course consists of a series of lectures and one or more assignments. An assignment can be a written exercise or research, a project or another kind of practical exercise (for example: technical drawings, models on scale, illustrations, etc). Please note that for some courses it is required to buy books or other materials necessary to accomplish the practical exercises / projects. It’s responsibility of the teacher to provide a list of what the students will need.

Exchange students are expected to complete between 16 and 25 ECTS per semester. We would like to focus the attention on the duration of our courses, which are mostly annual. This means that incoming students will need to divide the credits of the subject per 2 in case of courses having 6 ECTS or more.

If the incoming students are interested in achieving more credits, it is possible for them to take part to extra activities as workshops or lectures organized by Abadir.

See our Study Plan.

The Italian grading system is based on a maximum of 30 points with 18 as the lowest passing grade. 30 Cum Laude may also be awarded.

Abadir Academy, in order to ensure transparency for the grade distribution, follows the European Commission guidelines explained in the ECTS user’s Guide 2015.
Every year and for each study course, Abadir Academy publish the grade distribution table: for more information please click here or visit the following website.

ECTS Assignment System | Sistema di assegnazione CF
ECTS Recognition Method | Procedura di riconoscimento CF

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