Before enrolling in the three-year undergraduate Course in Design and Visual Communications, students must take part in a motivational interview, the booking for which should take place between May and October of each year. The interview helps to evaluate the reasons behind the student’s decision to begin his/her course of study and to become familiar with his/her interests and skills.

All students with a high school degree can enroll in the Undergraduate Course. For students coming from abroad, a diploma equivalent to the higher education diploma recognized by the Italian authorities is acceptable. A visa for study in Italy is also required.

A set number of students ranging from 25 to 30 students per class can attend, thus ensuring a direct relationship between teachers and students.

The admission procedure is divided into two parts: pre-registration and registration.

In order to apply for a motivational interview, students must submit their online application by enclosing a motivational letter stating the reasons why they are interested in taking the course. Students may opt to include a portfolio. After successfully completing the interview, the student will be able to complete the enrollment process by submitting the forms and attachments required for enrollment.

To enroll, students must pay the registration fee and submit a complete set of forms, which is given to students upon successful completion of the interview and includes the following:
– application for registration
– yearly contract
– form to be filled out by parents
– consent for the processing of personal data
– substitute declaration of certifications

Along with the forms, the following attachments should be included:
– degree title (Original or Certificate of the Institute or Certificate Substitute Declaration)
– photocopy of identity card or passport
– photocopy of the tax code
– n. 1 photo in card format
– receipt of the registration fee payment
– regional (ERSU) tax form for the right to study
– government Tax Form

Before enrolling, any student who wishes to familiarize him/herself with the school can join one or more workshops that are periodically organized over the course of the Open Day period. Such lab sessions and workshops allow prospective students to become familiar with the Academy’s work method and teaching strategies.

Before submitting applications, students can also book an informational interview at the Academy to obtain details regarding what type of training is offered.

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