Study plan

The main goal of the Undergraduate Course in Design and Visual Communication is to provide students of Abadir with professional skills that will enable them to be entrepreneurs themselves, develop knowledge gained during training, and face up to concrete case studies.

Young designers will delve into topics related to design history, design and manufacturing systems and develop dynamic project management capabilities. They will learn to see design in terms of an integrated system, where the product coexists with communication and services.

The first year is aimed at having students acquire basic concepts in each subject, within a theoretical as well as technical-practical framework: a preliminary look at the world of design on the main product front, as well as on that of visual communication.

During the second year, students at Abadir thoroughly examine and enhance concepts learned the previous year and acquire and put into practice theoretical tools, strategies, languages and operating methodologies for new fields of action.

The third year further broadens the field by introducing, alongside the product lab, spatial skills (interior design and exihibit design). The individual training program will outline an increasingly clear personal profile that reaches its maximum expression in the development of a final thesis project.

In order to obtain their degree, Abadir students must pass a final exam, which involves the presentation of two work packets: 1) a reasoned portfolio that includes a selection of works produced over the course of the three years; this must be defended with critical awareness and a thorough understanding of progress made during the training period; 2) a thesis that develops at least one of the topics embodied in the philosophy of the design department course (design strategic approach, skills integration, etc.) through an articulated and complex project process, consisting of various types of projects.