LANDFORM is a research platform, managed by Laura Cantarella and Lucia Giuliano, where professionals and researchers playing in different fieldworks and disciplines work together to generate new visions of places in order to support conscious actions in the political, economic and cultural field.

LANDFORM recognizes how landscape research evolves into a set of interlinked and symbiotic fields of knowledge that transcend traditional academic distinction, proposing a shared agora for the survey of landscape as cultural construction.

• recognizes landscape as a complex reality that emerges when land and people come together; a multi-dimensional, unfixed, living, changing and complex entity that cannot be grasped by a mono-disciplinary approach;
• is a research platform enhancing integrative approaches between disciplines such as humanities, geography, landscape architecture, etno-semiology, planning, sociology, anthropology, art. etc.;
• is a hub for exchange of information, expertise and the development of trans-cultural projects;
• is not a theoretical research department, but an open and independent research platform;
• recognizes imagery as a dynamic, generative and key factor in the definition of landscape;
• organizes: workshops, post-graduate courses, training courses and promotes artistic projects and archives on landscape;
• encourages: development of collaborative narratives using a combination of different research tools and community participation;
• works with: local authorities, universities, artists, professionals from different fields, research centres, ONG, associations;
• propose a research method that changes considerably depending on the peculiarity of every single project;
• is interested in landscape survey as the degree 0 of the project (political, architectural, urban planning);
• lays out projects and offer consultancy to public and private sectors engaged in the management of landscape.