offers a residence programme whose inhabitants are interlinked to the ABADIR Academy. It has an engaging approach to the process of individual research and art education. abadirbase residence is designed to offer to its inhabitants a chance to share their professional experiences and merge in the same territory inquiring in common with others educational side of the multidisciplinary research.

Under the flag of abadirbase international and local artists, researchers, cultural operators, students, academics are confronted with the interplay of individual practices and art educational objectivs exposing differences and similarities in art and culture, science, sociology, architecture, music, technology and education as contemporary provocations, debates , interpretations, contradictions in the research and creation process. abadirbase encourages its inhabitants to run collective art education, art pedagogy, art research projects within ABADIR Academy framework. Cross links between ABADIR Academy and individual projects will conseguently result in the knowledge exchange with different cultural and intellectual interests within abadir territory.

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