abadirbase purpose multi-disciplinary research programme with the aim of the art education, production and dissemination. abadirbase inhabitants became both constituent and transversal academy team that encourage various activities – workshops, laboratories, lectures, seminars, screenings, exhibitions, discussions – within and beyond abadir territory.  Inhabitants receive both administrative, technical and practical advise to their projects as well as an exchange with ABADIR scientific committee. ABADIR Academy activities are open to abadirbase residents and vice versa residents are encouraged to set up their individual projects within Academy framework.

abadirbase programme will form the nodes of a network in culturally, socially and geographically distant territories. Inhabitants bound to the territory, will contribute to the development of the local network, through visiting art venues, talks with local artists, critics, studios, audience, connoisseurs, activists, scientific institutions, communities and cultural producers. From the other side they will contribute to the growth of the international observatory and knowledge pool for the interdisciplinary practice&research&production.


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