Key drivers

abadirbase merge into  local context and its nuances that add practical value to the individual research.

abadirbase wants to create platform of knowledge exchange for arts education,  engaging artists and  professionals from the different research fields. This independent learning approach will involve on going partnership between different disciplines, and create exchange pool supporting independent initiatives within new practices of learning programmes.

abadirbase wants to increase flow of the promising ideas promoting interaction with ABADIR academy students  in open  and unexpected ways.

abadirbase wants to strengthen attention on the artistic quality&innovation and foster art education through projects that works with the residents and academy community ( recognizing the role of artist within academy activities as independent and alternative teacher and his/her capacity to transmit knowledge and share understanding of new artistic data).

abadirbase aims is to encourage various projects through which art and education could experiment.

abadirbase has a participative character. Residents are invited to produce, teach, networking collaborate in various way.

abadirbase stimulates  and shares a independent body of artistic responses to art education and develops art  education awareness within the educational sector.



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